Starfish – Book Review

Just a rock star romance hanging out by a guitar fountain!🎸

Do you like to pair the books you’re reading to where you are?

I feel like The Hard Rock Hotel would be one of the places that the band from Starfish would have stayed at while on tour in this novel! 🏨

4 ⭐️

Starfish is a delightful, steamy contemporary romance about a rock band on tour and the PR intern who has been assigned to join them on the road… and finding love along the way! 🚌

This is the third book I’ve read by Lisa Becker and this is my new favorite by her!!

I couldn’t get enough of the dynamics between the characters, how fast paced it was, the dual POV and how their chemistry leapt off the page!

I started reading this via kindle but then found the audiobook where Sebastian York narrated the male’s part! (Just try and tell me he isn’t one of the best make narrators!) 🎧 I couldn’t put it down because I was enjoying the story sooo much!!

I look forward to reading the two novella spin-offs from this series because this is another story I don’t want to end! 🎶

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