The Pearl in the Darkness – Book Review

The Pearl in the Darkness was such an incredible read!

It is an apocalyptic/dystopian novel with fantasy elements!

Do you have a favorite dystopian novel? There was a time where I was reading so many back to back!

This book takes place in the future where all forms of religion have been banned and now the world is going to end. Our main character Leo is tasked with recruiting people to start the world again post apocalypse! Talk about a big job!

There are religious elements to the story due to it being banned for so many years, and it’s so creative and unique with how she weaved it into the story!

I totally recommend this engrossing, thought provoking, enjoyable book!!

It ends on a cliffhanger and I just need book number two NOW!!

Check out my highlights on Instagram where the author talked about the next book’s release during the takeover she did of my account!

4 ⭐️

Things I liked about this novel:

✨ Strong female lead!

✨ Short, manageable chapters

✨ Multiple POVs

✨ Complex characters

✨ The “I need to know!!” element

✨Takes place in Florida! And the legendary beach front restaurant Frenchy’s is mentioned! 🏖

Her book is available on kindle unlimited and Amazon. Signed copies are available on her website!

Thank you to Santana for including me on this book tour and for my gifted copy in exchange for my honest review!

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