☀️ May Reading Wrap Up☀️

I read a 20 books this month- which brings me to 107 for the year!!

It’s no surprise that I read a lot of indie romance books since I’m cohosting #readmoreindieromance summer author series! 💕 I added a * next to each of the indie books on my list below!

What was your favorite book from this month?

📖 1 via print book

🎧 19 via audiobook

You can always count on me for honest book reviews, so here is how they all ranked to me!

Loved it, go read this now! (5 ⭐️)

🎧 The Off Limits Rule*

Amazing! Great! (4 ⭐️)

🎧 The Black Flamingo

🎧 Take It Back

🎧 The Wrong Game*

🎧 Jokes On You*

🎧 Trust

🎧 The Secret Bridesmaid (4.5)

🎧 Quiet in Her Bones

🎧 Must Love Otters*

It was good! (3 ⭐️)

🎧 Mary Jane

🎧 Wishful Drinking

📖 Finding My Sun*

🎧 The Plot

🎧 The Fortunate Ones

🎧 A Secret Wish

🎧 And Now I Spill the Family Secrets

…Not great/ It was okay (2 ⭐️)

🎧 The Temporary Roomie (2.5)*

🎧 Dead in Bed

🎧 The Kiss Quotient

🎧 The Return (2.5)

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