Meet You In the Middle – Book Review

Have I told you lately how much I loved this contemporary romance novel?

I would have given Meet You in the Middle 50 stars but goodreads didn’t have that option! ⭐️

(Get it? Like the US flag? Because they both work in politics? 🇺🇸 Don’t worry, the author wrote much funnier jokes 🙃)

Meet You in the Middle will now be what I compare all other enemies to lovers novels to and it will be one of my go-to’s when I’m asked for romcom recommendations.

Plus, have you been keeping up with how @devon went viral with sharing how she was in a Back Street Boys music video?!

What is one of your go-to book recommendations? 📚

Things I liked:

❤️ The ultimate enemies to lovers dynamic

💙 Strong female characters

❤️ Washington DC setting. Even if you haven’t been there, the atmosphere is described so well

💙 Realistic and relatable story lines

❤️ Sharp and witty banter

💙The amount of research that was put into it

❤️The wide range of emotions I felt while reading it

💙 The Slow Burn- Devon makes you earn it!

Thing I didn’t like:

💔 That Ben isn’t my boyfriend!!

(I guess I’ll have to make do with him as a book boyfriend only)

💔 Slow Burn!! – Devon why did you make us have to earn it? 🤣

See…not all my honest reviews mean a low rating!

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