Take It Back – Book Review

I didn’t want to TAKE IT BACK to the library because it was sooo good!

This is the kind of thriller I enjoy – the kind that surprises me even I think I have it all figured out!

Take It Back is centers around a legal case that incorporates r@p€, race, culture and religion.

I was a bit apprehensive going into this novel as it involves such heavy topics, but the way the author balanced it all was fantastic. But that is also to say I still had to read a lighter book right after.

The pacing, tone and atmosphere of the book was incredible. The author is very talented and I look forward to reading more of her work.

This book would also be great for a book club – there is so much to unpack and important conversations that could come from such discussions.

I am so glad to see there is a second book since the ending had my jaw hit the floor and I need to see what will happen next!

I give this thriller novel a strong 4 stars! I also recommend reading this via audiobook.

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